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All garages and Garage Prices offered for sale subject to our Terms of Business.

Garage Prices are fixed for a period of 8 weeks from the date of order then maybe subject revision should our prices alter.

1. Specifications are correct at the time of publication but are subject to variation, alteration or withdrawal at any time. We reserve the right to modify the specifications of our models at our discretion without further notice.

2. When ordering the garage or sectional building a Week Commencing delivery date is tendered. This should be treated as approximate only. The Company will use its best endeavours to try to keep the delivery dates quoted, but we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages of any kind due to the delay. Where possible, notification of delay in delivery will be made.

3. Garages should only be erected upon a permanent concrete base of suitable thickness. The base should be FLAT, LEVEL AND SQUARE, (do read our guidelines for further information on this point) and preferably wider than the external size of the garage to be supplied. If the building required is to be erected in a specific position on the base, the customer must supply us with clear written instructions showing the required position plus any measurements which are necessary to cover these instructions, or our erectors will erect the building in a position which they consider most suitable.

4. We shall refuse to erect buildings which do not conform to the our recommendations or where access to the site is difficult or unsafe. Should we not be able to erect a building at the time of deliver, it will be either off loaded or brought back to our factory and a further revisit charge (cost subject to our discretion) made before we return to erect. Be aware that a free site survey is available upon request but only following your confirmation of order.

5. Where bases are not within our tolerances, but in the opinion of our erectors further steps could be taken by them to complete erection, any defect causes to the building during erection is the responsibility of the customer. Any advice tendered at this point is without liability.

6. Upon delivery, if any parts are lost or damaged we will either repair damaged parts, or at our discretion, replace damaged parts with new ones free of charge.

7. We accept responsibility for faulty materials or workmanship but cannot be held responsible for 'Acts of God' e.g. Storms. It is advisable that you check your household protection policy as this will usually cover for damage to your garage as well as the rest of your property.

8. All orders must be accompanied by a minimum deposit of 15%. The balance is due for payment one week prior to delivery. For whatever circumstances all deposits are fully refundable upon request.

9. All garage prices are offered subject to being unsold. We reserve the right to cancel any orders returning all monies paid.



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